Extreme Weather in Roswell New Mexico (+ Its Effect on Roofs)

Extreme Weather in Roswell New Mexico

As anyone who has lived in this region for a time knows, the extreme weather in Roswell, New Mexico can have an impact on roofs. This portion of the country experiences various types of extreme weather throughout the year…we get high winds, hailstorms, heavy rain, occasional snowfalls, and in the summer, there’s a great deal of intense exposure to sunlight.

What Extreme Weather in Roswell Can Do To Your Roof

We’ve seen in this business the damage weather conditions can do to the roof of a home or a place or business. Here are a few examples:

High winds: The occasional fierce winds we see in this region can do heavy damage to a roof, especially if it is not properly installed or maintained. Heavy winds can lift off shingles and tiles, it can rip gutters and downspouts from their foundations, and it can cause flying items like branches and other debris to land on and damage the roof.

Hailstorms: The hailstorms we often see in the Roswell region can also damage roofs, especially the more severe events. Hailstones of the size we see can crack shingles and tiles, and the result could be leakage and ultimately a structural hazard to the roof and property.

Heavy rainfall: In the summer months, the Roswell area is know for seeing monsoons on occasion, and the heavy rain and flooding can create leaks and water damage to a roof.

Snow: We do get snow on occasion here, and if a heavy snowfall accumulates, it can put stress on an aging or weak roof and potentially cause it to collapse.

Intense sun: While residents love the sunny weather in the region, prolonged exposure to heavy sunlight can cause a problem for roofs. As the UV rays continually beat down on a roof, it can cause accelerated deterioration.

The extreme weather in Roswell is one of the most important reasons to ensure that the roof of your property is protected and safe. Your roof should be inspected and maintained regularly, and if your roof is aging, it may be time to have it replaced.

If you need a roof inspection or replacement in Roswell, leave the task to the professionals at TrustMark Roofing! Reach out to us today and find out about our quality roof inspections and installations, and how we can protect your Roswell property. We’ll make sure your roof can handle everything that the Roswell weather can dish out!

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