Average Temperature in Roswell New Mexico (+ Its Effect on Roofing)

Average Temperature in Roswell New Mexico (+ Its Effect on Roofing)

When it comes to the average temperature in Roswell, New Mexico, it largely depends on the time of year. During the summer months (June through August), temperatures in Roswell can go as high as 95º Fahrenheit (35º Celsius), and can go as low as 65º F (14º C). In the winter months from December to February, highs can be at 57º F (14º C), while the temperature can be as low as 28º F (-2º C).

Throughout the year, the average temperature in Roswell is approximately 63º F, or 17º C. That said, temperatures can fluctuate widely throughout the day depending on the weather patterns.

How Does The Temperature in Roswell Affect Roofing?

In Roswell, the temperature can affect your roof in a variety of ways, including:

Damage From Heat. When temperatures reach their highs in the summer, the heat can make roofing materials expand and contract repeatedly, which can in turn cause cracks and other damage over time. Some roofing materials can become brittle from the heat and be more susceptible to wind or storm damage.

Sunlight Damage. The intense sunlight during Roswell’s summer months contain UV rays that can cause roofing materials to break down or deteriorate. This deterioration can ultimately lead to leaks and other problems with a roof.

Moisture Damage. As moisture collects from rain or snow, it can freeze on the roof in the wintertime, and as water freezes it expands. The expansion of ice can damage the roofing, especially if the roof already has cracks or other problems.

Are you concerned about how the weather in Roswell affects your roof? Be sure to have your roof inspected by experienced professionals. If you need a roof repair or replacement, you should go with a team that uses durable and high quality roofing materials, that can withstand the Roswell temperature extremes.

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