Does Insurance Cover Minor Roof Damage?

Does Insurance Cover Minor Roof Damage?

Homeowners frequently ask us whether their home insurance covers minor roof damage. The question is a bit too simple, because whether or not your home is covered for minor roof damage depends on your policy terms, and the cause and extent of the roof damage.

For example, some policies will cover minor roof damage from weather events, such as a hail storm, heavy winds, or fallen trees, while other policies may not. It’s a good idea to review your home insurance policy and ask your provider about which types of damage is covered. You may also have a deductible amount that you will have to pay before your insurance starts to cover costs.

While you should inquire about your policy’s coverage, in general these incidents of minor roof damage aren’t covered by home insurance:

Wear and Tear – Typically, insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by a roof simply wearing down over time from years of rain, snow, excessive sunlight, etc.

Neglect and Poor Maintenance – If you don’t periodically have your roof checked or maintained properly, and your roof is damaged as a result, your insurance is not likely to cover the damage.

Roof Replacement – Your insurance will usually pay for roof replacement as a result of storm damage or another unexpected event, but they aren’t likely to cover you when it comes to replacing an outdated roof.

Flood/Earthquake Damage – A home insurance policy usually will not cover a roof damaged by floods or earthquakes…these types of events require separate coverage.

Intentional Damage – If a homeowner intentionally causes damage to a roof or invites someone on the property who damages the roof, a home insurance policy probably won’t cover the damage.

Be sure to review with your provider what can and can’t be covered by your home insurance policy, and ask about provisions that can be made to add value to your coverage.

Do You Need Minor Roof Damage Repairs?

If you are a New Mexico homeowner and have minor or major roof damage on your home, reach out to the professionals at TrustMark Roofing! We can repair, maintain, or replace your roof, and do it at a price you can afford…contact us today for a quote!

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