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New Mexico’s Roofing Pros

Who are you and what do you do?

TrustMark Roofing, LLC servicing South Eastern New Mexico.  We have a combined experience of 45 yrs in the construction industry.  Our team offers quality services from assisting with Insurance Claims from hail or wind storms.  We offer Property Managers assistance with maintenance and re-roofing.  We have years of experience working with realtors to ensure a sound roof on sold/bought properties.  We have completed and offer roofing for Multifamily Units, and Federal and State roofing projects.  We pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our customers, and we still believe in good old-fashioned work ethic and values!

What geographical areas do you serve?

We service ALL of South Eastern New Mexico with offices in Roswell, NM, Artesia, NM and Ruidoso, NM


Call: 575-840-8396

What makes you the preferred choice in the region?

We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with roofing issues. Between contacting contractors, comparing quotes and trying to find a reliable option that works for your budget, the process can be time-consuming and stressful.

At TrustMark  Roofing, our goal is to solve your problem — not just try to sell you a new roof.


We believe in a proven hassle-free process.  We know that many residential and commercial property owners lead very busy lives.  So, we believe in getting CLEAR answers to all your questions and communicating thoroughly throughout the roofing process. 


We are also licensed as a general contractor (Residential & Commercial) so we are able to replace/repair all exterior and interior damages that may have been caused by a storm or leak.  With the legal licensing, insurance and bonding capabilities TrustMark Roofing is able to streamline your roofing process which in the long run can also help save you money instead of hiring three different contractors and paying taxes and fees to each separately.

The Process:

Step 1:  Call or message us to set up an appointment for a roof assessment in the Roswell, Artesia and Ruidoso area.


Step 2:  Our project manager will guide you through the inspection and answer any questions you may have.  We are upfront and honest about the condition of your roof, saving you time and money.


Step 3:  We present you with a bid for your project.  We will follow up with you because our job is to make this process easy for you.  You will love our stress-free quoting process. 


Step 4:  Installation by Trained Professionals.  Our installers have installed thousands of roofs of all types, shingles, metal, flat roof, specialty roofs.  You will be amazed at how they are like a well oiled machine the day they arrive to install. They work well together and their objective is to get the job done and to get it done AMAZING!


Step 5:  You will have a follow up with the project manager.  After we are sure you are 100% satisfied with the roof project and the clean up we will issue the warranty for the roof work.


T – Trust, Trust goes beyond being licensed, bonded, and insured.  We know that it is hard to trust these days.  That is why we always do our upmost to ensure that our employees and staff are revealing good ethics and values with each and every one of our customers, vendors, city and state inspectors etc.

R - Responsive, At TrustMark Roofing we answer our phones.  This is one attention to detail that staff and leaders at TrustMark Roofing are reminded of daily.  Communication is the key to satisfied customers!

U – Unique, We offer unique services in comparison to other roofing companies.  One service is that we have a full time in house communicator in the office.  This person helps with the communication between the field representatives and the customer.  Sometimes our field representatives are unavailable due to being on a roof, driving to a customer’s property etc.  You will always be able to reach someone in the office during normal business hours.  

S – Safety – We know that safety is important to every party involved.  This is why we have an onsite superintendent with each project.  We have also been OSHA safety certified and require this certification with all new hires. 

T – Tactical – We use reason and logic after assessing your roof.  We will A          lways give you the best advice about the condition of your roof.  We are so honest in fact that we have been known to make customers upset when we tell them that they do not need a new roof.  We also have made many customers happy that they do not need a new roof.  We feel that our job is to educate the customer not to pull the wool over their eyes and offer them something that will not benefit them. 

Call: 575-840-8396